So this was a hard moment…

I don’t think I can get in trouble for sharing this story, but just to be cautious I’ve kept names anonymous and details general.

I’m working as an anti-money laundering analyst right now. Thrilling, I know. Basically we monitor bank accounts for activity that might be money laundering or terrorist financing. This includes large amounts of domestic wires.

Now that the background is out of the way…

I started today working mostly on domestic wires. They were pretty standard; large amounts to an escrow company, withdrawals because the customer died and their relative were clearing and closing the account, typical stuff. But then I got one that hit me.

I mean, really hit me.

This woman was wiring almost $600,000.00 dollars out of her account that was set up a couple months ago. In our business, that’s called suspicious. I’d never heard of any of the companies she was sending money to, so I dug a little deeper. Turns out the account was a life insurance payout account and she had made a bunch of domestic wires to charities.

As is my job, I looked closer. It was a lot more tragic than just “somebody died.” Her husband had died. It was a tragic accident. He was younger than 35 but older than 25. And he was the founder of a truly awesome charitable organization. If you want to know what organization was, message me, because again, I’m keeping it general.

I told my co-workers about the story, as we often do when something unusual or interesting comes up. Everybody looked sad, then went back to work, which was to be expected.

What wasn’t expected was how hard it hit me. 

This guy was young, enterprising, and generous. He and his wife were helping people, and helping people to help other people. But now he’s gone.

I’d like to think he went to be with Jesus, but who really knows. The fact that I saw the word Christian more times than I can remember in organization names related to the wires doesn’t really matter.

His life mattered. He made a difference.

His death mattered too. It’s also going to make a difference.

And yet at the end of my thoughts on all of this I don’t know quite what conclusion to come to.

The “why do bad things happen to good people” crowd would have a lot to say about this. Also, those people who would love to praise all this guy has done and overlook the savior who probably spurred him onward.

I wish I had more to say about this, because all I can say is that I’m stuck wondering what would happen if I died like this guy. Young. I mean, that range of ages I gave could mean I live another 13 years. Or it could mean I’m dead before I finish law school. 

To me, that’s humbling. It reminds me not to worry too far into the future, because who knows what outcome we’ll encounter in life. It encourages me because this guy has left a legacy that’s going to matter in the lives of many people. And it might push me to actually buy that life insurance for me and my wife even though we’re 22 and “nothing could possibly happen”.

But mostly it makes me want to use every moment. This guy and his wife seemed to have done just that. I’m not gonna get theologically weird, but I really hope he was a believer, because that journey home is going to be so worth it. And I look forward to doing what I can for the kingdom until Christ calls me home.

While I’m waiting for friends to give feedback on my newly completed novel, I thought I’d start outlining my next idea. It’s good!

While I’m waiting for friends to give feedback on my newly completed novel, I thought I’d start outlining my next idea. It’s good!


I haven’t has a chance to write in awhile. Things are busy, crazy, difficult… Updating Tumblr with Parks and Rec GIFs didn’t really seem like a priority.

Thought I’d give some updates.

I’m definitely going to the U of I for law school, which is awesome. God has blessed me pretty spectacularly there.

I’m working at State Farm for the time being. Anti money laundering. Kind of cool.

I’m 2/3 done with the first full edit of my book. Once I’m done I’ll start looking into the query process.

I love my wife, I love the Lord, and God is good.

That’s about it. I’ll be around.


Just gotta get this out there

The Affordable Care Act is such a lie for so many reasons, but this one has to take the cake.

Employers are cutting employee hours below 30 a week so they don’t have to provide health insurance. Because they have to provide health insurance to those who work more than 30.

But I work 40 a week and my employer offered insurance plan not only costs significant dollars from my paycheck, but isn’t up to the standards of the ACA.

My wife’s job has the same situation. Although the plan costs about the same as one through the exchange, the employer is providing it as an option that still comes out of your income.

What then was the point of all of this?

Why did everybody have to lose their doctors, insurance, and jobs just for a system that doesn’t even accomplish the most basic of objectives that it was suppose to accomplish?

It makes me want to vomit, but then I’d have to consider going to the doctor…




February 13, 2014

CHICAGO— The regional (or Fee for Departure) segment of the airline industry is comprised of over 25 airlines, operating over 50% of all departures in the USA, and flying into the world’s most complex airspace, and largest (and sometimes smallest)…

A Facebook friend who is a pilot reblogged this. Glad I didn’t pursue a pilot’s degree like I was considering Freshman year of high school. Sheds light on an interesting problem for these highly skilled workers.

Just… so great. I think it’s weird that h changed the rhythm and cadence, but hey, artists. What are you gonna do?

Genius satire. 

Clearly Breanna is getting to me. The amount of Frozen related posts on this Tumblr is starting to get ridiculous.

Somewhat disturbing…

Though I’m more disturbed by the fact that Jaime Foxx as Electro actually looks a lot like Mr. Freeze…